Goddess Chant
as Personal Practice and Healing Modality

Ronda Rice
by Maronda Rice
In 2010, I produced the first full production of Goddess Chant on the Island of Kaua'i. It had been produced on the East coast and the UK but never in the Hawaiian Islands. Knowing Shawna Carol personally and co-creatively changed and expanded my life by bringing the Goddess principal and reality into every cell of my being.
choir with candles choir dancers
After this first blessing of producing Goddess Chant and as my personal path unfolded, I felt guided to offer Goddess Chant in various other forms.
First as a one woman “show” or better said, a one woman sacred offering. The vision I was given was clear. I would offer it in a living room and invite a few people to come share a Goddess Chant evening. I had my Goddess Chant music to work with so I didn't need to have the whole production memorized. I envisioned a certain number of people, and gathered some votive candles to hand out to the people attending my offering. I used a
Shruti Box
to accompany myself in some of the chants and simply sang unaccompanied for others.
X(Shruti Box: an Indian instrument, originating from the Indian subcontinent, that traditionally works on a system of bellows and which typically provides a melodic drone as accompaniment for voice and other instruments).
The chants are easy enough to catch on and I passed around lyric sheets for the attendees to utilize.The rest was simply allowing for the magic of Goddess Chant. In this smaller form, I saw that the Ceremony was just as powerful a blessing in this intimate form as the full production had been.
Since then, I have offered a bit smaller full production stage offering in Eureka Springs, Arkansas where my oldest Daughter lives. I had no idea until this time that the Goddess was alive and well in the Arkansas heartland. The community was there, strong and eager to help create this amazing production. Again, the Goddess power came through.
And now, we on Kaua'i are doing monthly community circles where everyone who gathers participates rather than just receiving a performance as audience. It nourishes our whole community as regular inspiration, spiritual nourishment and community unity.
I can also see now how Goddess Chant could be a personal practice for an individual or a community spiritual song circle. The power is in the creation of Goddess Chant just as it came through Shawna.
I can also see Goddess Chant as a healing modality. There is so much creative intent and sacred ceremony imbedded in this phenomenal creation, that as long as the intention for healing is there, there's no limit to the blessings that may come through.
Finally, I wish to share more precisely how Goddess Chant changed my life. During the time when I was producing Goddess Chant, I was ill. After Shawna had asked me whether I would produce Goddess Chant, and I had said yes, it took me a year and a half to actually feel guided and ready to do so.
Still ill, I called in the unseen Spirit guides and the Great Mother I walk with to work through me and help me in every aspect of production: auditions, rehearsals, business and planning meetings, the picking of people for certain parts; everything. I found that producing something bigger and more complex than I had ever produced before was actually effortless. I felt incredibly supported. I would know what to do in each situation when I needed to know it. I used personal Kinesiology and intuitive guidance all the way. How did this change my life? I learned I could live my life this way.
Thank you Shawna, Thank you Goddess, within and all around.
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